What are the main benefits of BIM for demolition and structural alteration work?

In The Coleman Group, we use 3D BIM for structural analysis and design, and BIM 4D to plan and schedule. A BIM model helps us understand the impact of removing structural elements, what kind of equipment can support the structure, how much our joint will require demolition team, how our work will interrelate with each other and detect collisions.

It allows us to present visualizations of our customers work and go our works throughout the sequence. It also makes the site much safer under all initial planning, sequencing and modeling.

There is a tendency to see BIM as useful for new construction only. We are now seeing more BIM requirements in the prequalification stage and Revit models in the bidding stage, but generally, the adoption of BIM in construction has been poor.

With my role CIOB ( Chartered Institute of Building ), I want to emphasize how BIM can help projects - we must take advantage of security enhancements and efficiently aspossible through technology.

How would you use BIM normally?

In large projects, the client or main contractor provides us a BIM model. Then we interrogate the model and our engineers are the limitations or challenges and, in some cases, offer suggestions design development within the model, in order to improve its use for everyone else working in this scheme. However, details of the models vary.

Since you can not always rely on models as built, we conducted our own analysis of global stability in many structures where we work.

What are good examples of projects where BIM has helped you in your work?

In  Birmingham New Street Station , the demolition of the atrium, the program needed to be shortened from 12 to 6 months. So we took the BIM model and work with the consultant construction  Mace , Brian Swain, to plan each day's work - highlighting the impact sequence, maximizing plant utilization and planning time debris removal.

We use the BIM model to create exclusion zones around demolition works to improve the safety of all workers on the site. We have completed the program in five months, which was partly due to duplication of shifts, but mostly because BIM allowed high levels of collaboration while working on a Lean environment. Phase atrium was also delivered free of accidents or injuries.



Birmingham New Street, Coleman developed a JCB excavator measured using 3D modeling to carry out the demolition work, and incorporated this into the BIM model for the client.

In  Three Snowhill , a project office, we had to make structural changes in a five - level underground parking, and the program meant that our operations would interfere with other specialists who perform permanent structural work.

The main contractor BAM provided a Revit model, and use it to plan the logistics and detect encounters with the structural designer.

For example, we need to install a structure for supporting a slab, which would have caused a collision with the formwork contractor on a concrete wall. Instead, we use two supports load transferred to a central support beam. This allowed the wall structure could pass between the two supports with a support bracket (specifically) introduced to design permanent structure.

Can BIM projects help more conventional demolition?

Yes - and in some demolition projects, we create our own BIM model. We recently acquired a high-definition 3D scanner to study the structures. It is placed in a traditional tripod for recognition, you can turn around 360 degrees, and creates a digital 3D point cloud. From this, we can create the 3D model and then apply our method, program and security documents. Crucially, it helps to visually communicate what we are doing to customers and field team.



The demolition  Wolverhampton Bus Depot , Coleman used a 3D scanner to create a cloud of digital points, from which a BIM model was created. The model was used to plan the sequencing of demolition.

We used the scanner on the demolition of  Wolverhampton Bus Depot . Has a portal frame steel and the model we created from the point cloud allowed us to determine the sizes of the sections and plan the sequence of demolition, crucial when large machines cutting beams and remove the wrong section too soon could affect the stability of the structure.

This is leading to great savings of time. If an engineer measured the tank using a MEWP ( Mobile Elevation Work Platform ), it would take about seven days. Laser scanning one day. The technology is also much more accurate than traditional methods.

How does the BIM digital technology or using machinery?

The BIM model tells us what loads the structure can transport machinery and any restrictions on operations. In  New Street , we estimate that we could use a bulldozer of 25 tons using significant temporary jobs, which would make the work much more efficient than a 2.5 ton robot Brokk normally would have used.

So we developed an excavator as with JCB using 3D modeling, and import this into the BIM model customer. It is remotely controlled, so that the operator may be outside the cabinet to guide the equipment, with a full 360 degree view.

Excavator greatly improved productivity. It was also safer - there is a field that cuts infrared energy if the machine passes a "virtual safety barrier". It has a modular design, enabling delivery and allowing it to be mounted on site and moved from floor to floor as the work progresses. We are now using the same machine on other projects.

Fuente: https://www.bimcommunity.com/news/load/456/interview-mark-coleman-bim-in-the-demolition-industry

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