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Somos parte del proyecto Eula Gtec, miembros del equipo Work Package 2. En este equipo colocaremos nuestros avances del proyecto que venimos realizando. Además, tendremos nuestra comunicación por medio de esta plataforma.

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Technology and Innovation Management in Higher Education – Cases from LA and EU Summary: For trying to solve common bottlenecks in the innovation and development process (European Paradox or Latin American innovative gap), we analyze in this article (section 4) some experiences of training and/or education at graduated level. On this base, we formulate a model of technology management (section 2


ULA-GTEC - Technology and Innovation Management Master  After a welcome message to Prof.Moacyr Martucci Jr., Brazilian NCP for the H2020Program, he congratulates everyone and informs that the thematic suggestion of thisproject is fully in line with the European Commission's New Horizon Europe Program andis extremely important for South cooperation.The project meets the European Commission Documen


Technology and Innovation Management in Higher Education—Cases from Latin America and Europe 1. Introduction As Schumpeter (1939, p. 84) pointed out many years ago, innovation is the main determinant of the dynamics of capitalism’s evolution. It is central for a development strategy where innovation is combined with local dynamic entrepreneurship, knowledge generation, competence

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