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Somo un equipo de personas con interese en el desarrollo e implementación de BIM en la construcción, así también queremos estandarizar la manera en que se trabaja dentro de la industria peruana y optimizar el uso de nuevas tecnologias de modelación para ahorrar recursos y aumentar la producción. De la misma manera queremos impartir el uso de tecnologías BIM para la formación profesional de nuestro grupo.

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Who is Jeffrey W. Ouellette? I am an avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy fiction reader, adult fan of LEGO (AFOL), and father of two girls. Being the son of a carpenter/cabinetmaker/custom homebuilder, I’ve grown up with making and tinkering in my blood. I enjoy developing systems as much as working on the details so they are just right. After 15+ years of working in architecture practices, I decided to join


After some moving around in the world of BIM time, modeling and interacting with various projects, I have experienced this new working methodology through companies and offices letting me know your opinions. So I could extract summarized into three groups the following information  why it costs so much for companies to shift to BIM :   Fear of change not to cover the investment costs.  


What are the main benefits of BIM for demolition and structural alteration work? In The Coleman Group, we use 3D BIM for structural analysis and design, and BIM 4D to plan and schedule. A BIM model helps us understand the impact of removing structural elements, what kind of equipment can support the structure, how much our joint will require demolition team, how our work will interrelate with ea

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