After some moving around in the world of BIM time, modeling and interacting with various projects, I have experienced this new working methodology through companies and offices letting me know your opinions. So I could extract summarized into three groups the following information  why it costs so much for companies to shift to BIM :


  • Fear of change not to cover the investment costs.


After an exchange of views with different professionals in the field, it can be deduced that some of them have misgivings change the CAD to BIM for fear of slowing the production of projects and consequently unable to recover the investment.


  • Currently working system established very productive .


Closely related to the previous point, we can see that the offices currently already have a very effective and productive work system, so that this group have difficulty even making the decision to make the jump to BIM. But I must say that  once made the change may be thesame or more productive than before.



  • You want to make the change, but your external collaborators NOT want! No advance if others do not change.


Another obstacle they are the offices, is that they want to make the leap to BIM but instead see that the development of projects depend on other companies or external partners (business structural calculation, installations ...) and if other companies do not work in BIM is more difficult and costly interoperability projects. Once this group of companies working in BIM, will be much more agile and productive project development.



Finally, point out that it is necessary to step forward and regulatory obligations in implementing BIM, both public administration and all other types of companies, with clear to make this leap to the new methodology objectives.



If we change all the BIM methodology, we will have better optimization in the development and construction of projects.

Fuente: https://www.bimcommunity.com/news/load/448/why-is-there-indecision-in-bim-implementation-in-companies

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