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Dear reader, this time I will tell you about the status of cryptocurrencies in Argentina and how 5000 Bitcoin ATM can save it from 25% inflation.

No country, nor Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Peru have exceeded an inflation rate of 3%.

This means that under current conditions, it is increasingly difficult to survive in this country.


As a result, some companies and individuals seek solutions and the Argentine government promulgates the use of Bitcoin through Bitcoin ATM.

Argentina seeks to exit inflation through Bitcoin and replicating the international model

You know the case of many companies worldwide that accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Among them, an Australian company that accepts Bitcoin in its Melbourne Urban Velocity store:

Hi all, I’ve been into Bitcoin for a few months and I’ve tried my buddy to start accepting Bitcoin at his bike shop. He is now stocking original 80’s retro BMX bikes too! He is on Coinmap.org. Check out his shop if you want to spend some bitcoins, his bikes are awesome. – CEO Urban Velocity Store

In search of getting out of this situation, franchises like Subway started accepting Bitcoin

That Saturday, I was the only one with a shop open [on Reconquista 934] in front of the hotel where the Bitcoin conference was being held. All of a sudden, I had a bunch of kids talking to me about it. It really grabbed my attention, because I thought it was something a lot more isolated.

– Fernando, the owner of the local Subway

Fernando says he is not yet interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, through the exchange of hamburgers and Bitcoins, you want to promote the Bitcoin culture in Argentina.

Another startup that has begun to accept bitcoin as a means of payment is the ecommerce avalancha.com. Focused on the sale of household appliances.

Taringa.net an online discussion forum has also announced that it will soon start paying its most active users with bitcoin.

Similarly, independent professions have begun to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

Soon, the second part.

Fuente: http://branzel.com/bitcoin-atm-can-save-argentina/

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