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With more than 250 exhibitors and 4000 attendees, the Consensus 2018 Day 3 event is one of the largest blockchain events on Earth.

This year the event took place in New York taking 3 days to be able to announce all the statements I had for the New Era.

In this way, it showed what the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain will be for next year 2019.

Where was the Consensus 2018 day 3 held?

This event was held at the Hilton Midtown in New York which was at the forefront of the most important blockchain industry.

The blockchain industry is becoming a very important issue with the passing of days and even these are gaining more and more attention.

However, for those who forgot to follow this event Here, I tell you what happened in Consensus 2018 day 3 of blockchain and crypto coins.

The most important of Consensus 2018 day 3

One of the biggest announcements of Consensus 2018 day 3 was that Twitter boss Jack Dorsey talked about how coins can soon be the world’s currencies or the native currencies of the internet.

In addition, Dorsey is the first to express a need for a common denominator on the internet.

Also, as he also other people before him expressed that it is or is not Bitcoin must exist the common one on the Internet.

However, they would like that the native currency of the internet has been bitcoin.

Twitter and the CEO of Square Jack Dorsey is best known as a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an investor in Lightning Network Labs.

Jack Dorsey wants currencies like bitcoin or Ethereum to be so easy to use so that people can buy coffee with them.

Consequently, its mission is to empower technology and make it as accessible as possible to everyone. Dorsey stated:

“We want to go back to that original idea of being able to purchase a coffee with it. And that’s why we’re working with Lightning Labs”

In addition, it was already announced that ICO project Polymath is looking to acquire a long position in the Barbados stock exchange.

In this way, its objective is to build a world that is friendly with the cryptocurrency, which is why they have acquired the domain tokens.com

With tokens.com they seek to reach companies that improve their security in tokens.

In addition, the leader of BKCM and CNBC Brian Kelly was presented at the event, he announced that they will start their own house of change.

However, he is not assuming they are going to work with cryptocurrencies.

Global smartphone giant Nokia is working with the blockchain company Streamr.

Together they will allow Nokia smartphone users to buy and sell data stream using Ethereum and Smart contracts.

This term is a controversy note with many viewers expressed through the presentation of Snoop Dogg at the official party by ripple labs. Reporting many in the community and because they were on this decision Bloomberg eloquently reported in this way.

“The smell of marijuana wafted through a half-filled event space in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, as a group of cryptocurrency believers downed champagne and blood orange margaritas.”

Finally, all these reactions mixed in the event through three days, most people thought that this event did not offer a determining or striking factor.

And what did you think of slight and very loose ads that did not attract much attention and that does not really affect the fall or rise of bitcoin?

These have been the most important announcements in the consensus 2018 day 3. You can also review our reports of Consensus 2008 day 1 and Consensus 2018 day 2.

Fuente: http://branzel.com/consensus-2018-day-3-jack-dorsey-bets-cryptocurrencies/

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